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The Tulane Rowing Alumni Club was established, as a part the the Tulane Alumni House, in 2016. If you ever rowed at Tulane, you are part of the Club! 


  • Engage rowing alumni and encourage their involvement in the Tulane University Rowing Association

  • Provide financial and organizational support, and continuity to the Tulane University Rowing Association, its athletes, and coaching staff

  • Strengthen alums' and friends' ties to Tulane University through their support of and participation in  the Tulane University Rowing Association  

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Tulane Rowing Alumni Club

Board of Directors


Alexa Erck Lambert, '08, President

Alice Dickinson, '06, Vice President 
Jordan Lambert, '07, Treasurer 

Samantha Cook, '12

Zach Hebert, '11

Grant Wilson '19

Courtney Risman-Jones, '05

Anton Kral, '22

Will Kuckro, '08

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